First Reflections On Our Skyping Sessions

It sure was an exciting morning! We had 3 calls set up with 3 different Catholic Schools. One class in Michigan and 2 classes in Pennsylvania. It was an unique opportunity and a wonderful way to use technology to see what other Catholic school children are doing. We found that 2 schools use the same Alleluia for Mass! We were so interested to hear how big the schools were and how big the class sizes were. It was so interesting to see the different uniforms.??

The frustrating part of the whole experience were the technical difficulties. We had a problem with sound with both Pennsylvania classrooms. One classroom could hear us and we ended up using the Chat feature to Skype back our answers. That worked just fine! Teachers sure are adaptable.??

I was so grateful for the opportunity to visit with these teachers and their students. My students loved it. Since this was my first time to take part in something like this, I did learn a few things. I am reflecting on how I would change the way I do this so that I can participate next year. That is a given!

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