We Have a Rosary Color Winner!

Thanks to so many of you for your help in helping me pick the color for the Wedding Rosary for Byron and Karisa’s wedding. Here are the details.     Using MapAList I was able to plot the locations of all those who voted. They will have a Rosary color picked by friends from around [Read On]

Rain Drops on a Day Lily

The Color of Twine for a Wedding Lasso Rosary

Hello! Would you like to help me with a fun activity? How about picking the color of twine for a Wedding Lasso Rosary for my son and his new wife? I will be adding a St. Francis Crucifix at the end. This type of  crucifix is also known as the San Damiano Crucifix. I am [Read On]

Born Under a Bad Sign – Dilemma at the Playing with Fire Concert

listen to ‘Born Under a Bad Sign – Dilemma at the Playing with Fire Concert’ on Audioboo

Perchance to Read

I’m a reader. I love having a good book at the ready. In today’s digital world, it’s so much easier to find my next book. I’m a member of Goodreads which has made it easy to find books that are worth the read. The Omaha Public library has a great collection of  books and ebooks to [Read On]

Let’s Get Rolling!

I admit it. I am a terrible housekeeper! During the school year, only the basics of housecleaning gets done. When the summer hits, that’s when we get rolling! Saturday was a day filled with dusting, vacuuming, windexing, and scrubbing. We were preparing for a visit from our future Daughter in Law and my sister, her [Read On]

Sister, Can You Spare $2?

Are you ready to read a very long and convoluted story? I’ll try my best at relaying this as simply I can! My husband walks, in our neighborhood, picking up trash. In the summer, it’s daily. In the winter, it’s just on the weekends. He has his special trash picker and several grocery sacks for [Read On]

A Donation #inhonorof @Pontifex

What a joy filled week it has been! I’m still smiling at the memory of watching the announcement of our new Pope with my 3rd graders on our SmartBoard. We even sent out paper tweets of congratulations to our new Pope Francis.  I really enjoyed reading about Pope Francis. Who would have thought that a [Read On]

Delicious Gouda Cheese Made by Nuns

Back in July, we read an article in the Washington Post about an order of Trappist (Cistercian) nuns that make cheese in Virginia. You can read this article here. We decided to give this as Christmas presents to our family. They were overwhelmed with orders, and of course, I didn’t get my order in right away. [Read On]

Donuts and First Friday

Many years ago, a wise junior high teacher at our school, began a tradition of serving donuts to the junior high students after their First Friday devotions. As the students graduated our school and moved on to high school and college, the idea wa…