A Paperless Way to Select a Read Aloud Book

Here we are, in our first week of school, and I’m itching to begin our first read aloud. I love to read to my students! But, I wanted them to have a choice in which book I would read first. Technology to the rescue! I picked 3 books that I would like to read to [Read On]

Our First Day in Third Grade

Well, it’s not actually my first day in 3rd grade. You’d think after 10 year in 3rd grade, I would pass! It was a great start to the year. But I always forget how long setting up routines and procedures take. But I do know that they sure make for a smooth running classroom after they [Read On]

A QR Code Open House

Thursday was our Open House. I love this opportunity to meet my new students and their parents. It was a very busy 2 hours.  I think I had half my students stop by in the first 30 minutes! Just like last year, I had my students explore the room and look for 4 QR Codes. [Read On]

Yeah, but that’s just Barb….

During EdCampOmaha, I happened upon a conversation about something I’ve been thinking about lately. I stopped and joined in. That’s one of the beauties of an EdCamp, it’s ok to jump into any session and ask a question, share, or just listen. The question was, how do you get other teachers on board with technology. [Read On]

#EdCampOmaha 2013

Just got home from my 6th edcamp. What a day! I love the whole edcamp idea. 200 passionate educators, together, sharing their ideas. It’s a wonderful day of learning. But wait, it started the night before at Jimmy D’s. The location for the Tweet Up. But, as announced by the soft spoken Toby, “There is [Read On]

How do I improve our Skype experience for my students?

I really love the idea of using Skype in an elementary classroom. My students can learn from an expert or they can connect with other classrooms using this technology. Sounds wonderful, so what could possibly be the problem? Some of the problems a…

First Reflections On Our Skyping Sessions

It sure was an exciting morning! We had 3 calls set up with 3 different Catholic Schools. One class in Michigan and 2 classes in Pennsylvania. It was an unique opportunity and a wonderful way to use technology to see what other Catholic school chi…

Getting Ready to Skype in the Classroom

Boy, can Catholic Schools Week get anymore exciting? We are preparing to Skype with 4 other Catholic schools. So far I have 12 parents who have given permission for their children to be our Skype Ambassadors for our calls. Our ambassadors will be …