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Fr. Roza #skype #priest #vocation #catholicedchat #catholic


FaceTime with a Father #Skype #catholic #Cathmedia #catholicedchat #edugood #eduwin #vocation


Skyping with India

Tomorrow morning is a big day! My 3rd graders will be Skyping with a family friend, of one of my students, who is currently living in New Delhi, India. We watched a National Geographic Kids video from their website. http://kids.nationalgeographic….

First Reflections on Saints-a-Palooza

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Skyping the First Week of School!

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The Art of Recording with Third Graders

We had a great first day of school! It’s such an exciting time of year. I love the sights of all their bright shiny faces, their brand new tennis shoes, and the smells of a brand new box of crayons. Today Room 113 also began their recording career…

Skyping Success!

When I began my teaching career many years ago, I never imaged that technology tools would come so far. The best technology we had, in college, were Apple IIes with floppy discs. Technology has come a long way! Today, we had a video chat with an A…

Skyping with Afghanistan

Tomorrow we have an opportunity to Skype with a family friend of one of my students. He has begun a 6 month tour and has agreed to Skype with us! We have some good questions ready. We want to know about the weather, what he eats, and what his livi…

Poetry and Skype: Made For Each Other

Today we had another successful Skype call with Patti Harju’s 2nd graders in Grand Rapids, MI. This was the 3rd time we have Skyped with her students. Today St. Isidore of Seville, the patron Saint of the Internet, must have been smiling down at u…