Three Ways to Encourage Vocations in the Elementary Classroom

When I was very small, I thought everyone had an uncle who was a priest. I had Uncle Fr. Paul and Uncle Fr. John. As I grew older, I realized just how lucky I was. As a teacher in the Catholic elementary classroom, I hope that my future students will have this same experience. Here [Read On]

I’m a Spiritual Mom!

Yes, not only am I a mother to 3 young men, I’m a spiritual mom to 169 seminarians! Creighton University is the home to The Institute for Priestly Formation. I’ve been involved with this organization for several years. My role is very small. I pray. I pray a Hail Mary every day during the Institute’s [Read On]

Sister, Can You Spare $2?

Are you ready to read a very long and convoluted story? I’ll try my best at relaying this as simply I can! My husband walks, in our neighborhood, picking up trash. In the summer, it’s daily. In the winter, it’s just on the weekends. He has his special trash picker and several grocery sacks for [Read On]

I Was a Rosary Interloper!

Today was the 2nd annual Run, Walk, and Pray for Vocations sponsored by the Serra Club of Omaha. It’s a fun walk for me. It’s only 1.5 miles and the route is around the beautiful Memorial Park. Last year I walked with my cousin Cathy. That was fun to catch up with her on all [Read On]

Archbishop Lucas Homily 6-15-13 Vocations

listen to ‘Archbishop Lucas Homily 6-15-13 Vocations’ on Audioboo

Mass with the IPF crowd

listen to ‘Mass with the IPF crowd ’ on Audioboo

Yeah, but that’s just Barb….

During EdCampOmaha, I happened upon a conversation about something I’ve been thinking about lately. I stopped and joined in. That’s one of the beauties of an EdCamp, it’s ok to jump into any session and ask a question, share, or just listen. The question was, how do you get other teachers on board with technology. [Read On]

Jesus Christ is Risen Today! Full choir

listen to ‘Jesus Christ is Risen Today! Full choir ’ on Audioboo

A Donation #inhonorof @Pontifex

What a joy filled week it has been! I’m still smiling at the memory of watching the announcement of our new Pope with my 3rd graders on our SmartBoard. We even sent out paper tweets of congratulations to our new Pope Francis.  I really enjoyed reading about Pope Francis. Who would have thought that a [Read On]

Donuts and First Friday

Many years ago, a wise junior high teacher at our school, began a tradition of serving donuts to the junior high students after their First Friday devotions. As the students graduated our school and moved on to high school and college, the idea wa…